Tax Planning and Preparation

We will prepare all required tax returns to assure that you are paying no more tax than necessary. Throughout the year, we will work with you to monitor tax law changes that will affect you, recommend tax-saving strategies, and serve as your advocate in tax matters.

Investment Review

We act as a sounding board for your investment ideas and suggest the best structure to maximize your after-tax return.

Recordkeeping Systems

Our staff can design recordkeeping and accounting systems to fit your business and personal financial affairs.

Business Problem Solving

As you start a business, we will help you select the proper organizational structure and secure adequate financing. We can work with you and your other advisors to solve your business problems. You will receive assistance with loan applications, pricing, credit policies, cash flow, cost controls, and your other business needs.

Financial Statements

We can prepare or supervise the preparation of financial statements. Complilation or review of statements can be provided according to your needs. Helping you to use the statements in managing your business and increasing your profitability is an important aspect of our service to you.

Financial and Estate Planning

Your CPA is your financial consultant, working with you to increase your net worth, then planning with you to minimize estate taxes. A total program including an analysis of net worth, investment review, family gifting, trusts, retirement planning, and family business transfers, is available to assist you in maximizing benefits for you and your heirs.

Professional Compentence

Your CPA has demonstrated professional competence by meeting high education and experience standards for the accounting profession, passing a rigid, nationally uniform examination, and meeting state licensing and continuing education requirements.

For almost thirty years, we have worked with our clients to develop a personal approach to their business & financial needs. Just as each individual is unique, so is each business. Therefore, a "one-size-fits-all" approach to accounting and financial management just doesn't work. We get to know our clients so we can help them achieve their own personal goals and objectives. At every stage of your financial life, we can help you. If you are a start-up business, we can help you with the selection of the appropriate business entity to operate under. As you grow, we will assist you with growth strategies. This can include loan packages, budgets and long-range plannning. As both you and your business mature, we can help you navigate such issues as succession planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

Richard Walker, CPA